Therapeutix TENS Unit Electronic Massager RX6

$44.95 $97.99

Your unit will come fully charged and ready to use! Disregard instructions in user manual to initially charge for 10 hours. We will do this for you. Subsequent charging should only take 30 minutes to fully charge.
  • Imagine rapidly overcoming the muscle, nerve, and joint pain that dominates and dictates your life.
  • Powerful and reliable Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery provides hours of uninterrupted relief.
  • Fits in your hand or pocket, so you may enjoy freedom from pain wherever you go.
  • Built with safety in mind, these units have been FDA cleared for over the counter use.
  • The ONLY Massager backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee!

The Therapeutix TENS unit electronic massager is designed for a clinical setting with strength and quality in mind. With this FDA-Approved unit you have the freedom of therapeutic massage and pain relief anytime you desire. In this package you will receive the Therapeutix unit with 2x2 leads, two small massage pads, two medium massage pads, a pad and cord saver, a usb/wall charger, an acupressure point guide, and a user guide.

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